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What we do

We can support retailers and wholesalers worldwide in their need for Western European food products. Our philosophy is to do more than just selling goods. With Retail Fulfilment we have an integral way of working when it comes to store advise, assortment & selection, transport, documentation, sourcing and product development. We do everything in our power to satisfy our customers. Whatever is ordered, we make sure it will be delivered at the agreed time and destination. Whether it is an order consisting of one product in a large quantity or a large order consisting of small quantities of many products, our aim is to make sure customers do not need to worry during the whole process.

Because of our expertise with all kinds of products, different logistics solutions and deliveries by sea, air and road, we can define the perfect route and distribution.


Van Tol Import-Export is able to supply a complete supermarket assortment, consisting of premium brands, private brands and quality European brands. We maintain excellent contact with a large network of manufacturers whom supply our distribution centres frequently. Some even on a daily basis.

Fresh products? No problem! Short shelf life dairy, meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables are supplied just-in-time by plane and/or short duration sea shipment to ensure they reach their destination as soon as possible.
Frozen products? No problem! Pizza, vegetables, fish products and ice cream are transported by sea in reefer containers with temperature control.
Dry food products? No problem! All of our approximately 10,000 dry food products with extended expiration date are being shipped worldwide in containers.


Place your orders smarter, stress-free and save on shipping costs. Van Tol takes care of shipping, insurance and full documentation handling so you can focus on other areas within your company. Our automated logistics processes and expertise in palletizing and loading mixed containers can lead to major savings in your overhead costs.

It is possible to transport products in different types of containers. Van Tol Import-Export uses reefer and dry containers. It is even possible to combine refrigerated and dry product orders in the same container, which is quite unique.


Learn more about our customised solutions: Van Tol's experts are happy to work with their partners to find that perfect product and make sure it sells. Our large international network enables us to adapt to your local market. If you have a product request or promotional problem, just ask - there is a very good chance that we have seen this problem before and already solved it.

We also like to help you think about (new) stores and their layout. Years of international experience have given us the knowledge to design and build efficient stores and shelf plans.

Sourcing and development

We have assisted local sellers all over the world in finding just the right product for their market. If your specific request is not already out there, our experts are able to suggest the best possible solution. There is a good chance that we will come up with a solution you have not considered before. That is commitment you can build on!

Therefore, customers like to work with us; we unburden them in their search for assortments. For many of our customers, we are the extension within the Western European market. In addition to sourcing the right products, we are happy to help you think about improving product development, packaging designs, creating a top brand and even recipe changes to better suit your market. Read more about all of this at Van Tol Food Concepts.


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